DataScoutPro introduces the DataScoutPro OneMap viewer, a web-based function integrated with County GIS parcel boundaries, various layers, measuring tools, locating feature, printing, and more. These combined with a point-and-click application allows users to visualize real property data.

Basemaps and layers

Mapping Tools

Utilize a variety of tools, executing various functions.

  • • Locate Me
  • • Full Extent View
  • • Print
  • • Measure Tools
  • • Google Location Search

Selection Tab

Listing of one more parcels, coupled with functions enabling numerous actions.

  • • Clear
  • • Transparency Slider
  • • Multi-Select
  • • Mailing Labels
  • • Batch Print
  • • Parcel Details
  • • Zoom to Feature

Tax Records

Tax records feature the real estate and personal records, and the amount owed, per property, in selected Arkansas counties.


Specify your search by current or delinquent statuses, personal or real estate property types, and specific bill years.


View results for real estate or personal property. For real estate records, also access parcel information and mapping.

Bill Details

View a breakdown of taxes, as well as, what was owed and paid.