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Who uses DSP? resellers testimonials
leftquote DataScoutPro is a "must have" source of information for diversified real estate companies such as Rector Phillips Morse, Inc..  We use it in our auction division, our commercial brokerage division, and our residential division.  When we need to do due diligence fast, we turn to DataScoutPro! rightquote
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Real Estate Agents

Who Uses DataScoutPro?

The real estate world is constantly changing due to advancements in technology. With everything becoming electronic, searching catalogs for property information and deed transfers within courthouses is quickly becoming expensive and a thing of the past. Today’s computers can now harness the massive databases of files that once filled up rooms with volumes of large bound books and property information cards. DataScoutPro (DSP) has developed a program that allows the public to access real estate files 24/7 without leaving the office.

Any real estate professional will quickly realize the benefits of DataScoutPro. Having the ability to access and compile real estate records into a report form for any parcel in the county within seconds will greatly increase the productivity of your business. If you are unsure whether or not this site could be beneficial to you and your business, then refer to our typical clients listed below and how they utilize the site.

Advertisers and Marketers

Use to find new leads for your business. Search our extensive database for prospecting new clients. Our mailing label report creates a ready-to-print .pdf which includes prospects' mailing addresses. Allow to help with your direct mail campaigns today.

Real Estate Appraisers

Real estate appraisers appear to be the most voracious users of the DSP service. An appraiser, when first engaged by his client, can begin the appraisal process by taking a look at the subject property, via DSP, prior to the inspection. A photograph of the property (if available), the last date of sale, physical characteristics of the structure, square footage, amenities and other information about the property can be easily accessed. Comparable sales information for vacant land, residential and commercial properties can all be researched by county or throughout DSP's statewide coverage area. DSP can assist the appraiser in developing time adjustments, absorption rates and will even generate a sales comparison grid that will list, in the opinion of DSP, the most comparable sales and will allow the appraiser to make adjustments to those sales. The appraiser is also able to search for commercial data by occupancy codes, for example, motels, restaurants, bowling alleys, medical office building, etc.

Attorneys, Title Insurers, and Abstractors

Attorneys Verify the legal ownership and title of a certain property. Track the lineage or history of any transaction. Most of the deed transfers have the book and page number of the deed. Use the site to know exactly where to look in order to print the real deed at the county clerk’s office. Most of our deed transfers date as far back as the county has recorded. Never look through another paper or electronic county catalog again!

Bankers and Lenders

DataScoutPro can help you perform in-house valuations on real estate loans. Assess the risk of the loan by checking comparable properties near the area of the loan. Check your client’s credit background by checking the property transfers and past transactions. Analyze the data for trends and absorption rates to also determine the risk of the loan. You will always feel confident in your loan because you were able to do your homework!

Land Developers

DataScoutPro will help you determine the best area in which to develop your new subdivision or commercial property. Use the sales listings and comparable properties to assess the land you want to develop. Watch the sales data to establish trends that will help you maximize profits. Evaluate the timing of your development. It might not be the right time to implement your great idea. You will never wish your development were on the other side of town!

Land Surveyors

Surveyors Never dig through the county records again for land records and legal descriptions. Use the legal descriptions to develop your site plans and to find adjoining properties. DSP offers Interactive mapping with parcel boundary mapping that provides general lines of ownership. View our interactive mapping demo.

Real Estate Buyers

Real Estate Buyers can use DSP to analyze and research the market area and trends surrounding the subject property. This site will allow you to determine the price per square foot of all the sales in a certain neighborhood to make sure your offer is on target. See the history of the property and know what the current owner paid for the property prior to an offer. Stay competitive with other real estate professionals by having as much information as they currently have. You will never feel like you made a bad offer.

Real Estate Sellers

Real estate sellers, much like buyers, will now know the market value of their property without the advice of a real estate professional. Use DataScoutPro to determine the right selling point for your property. Compare your appraisal against the sales in your city and subdivision. Never feel like you left money on the table!

Realtors and Brokers

DataScoutPro can be used to determine at what amount to list a certain property. Find comparable sales for similar properties in a subdivision or city and maximize profit for your clients. Also, use it to make sure a listing is not priced too high so you can represent your clients well. Access to tax information will allow you to know exactly what the taxes will be for your clients. You will never have to dig through paper records at the county again!

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